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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Celebration Orlando 2017 Uncut Sandcrawler Patch.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are very few things I take personal for this hobby. Though I truly love collecting, in the end, these are merely items residing in my home to be shared with friends who share a common passion and family, who in the end allow us the time to pursue them. The pictured patch came from my dear friend Bob Martinazzi, who we tragically lost in 2018. He was a good man, a devoted Father and a fellow "Vintage Snob" as we had a small clique of friends who focused primarily on Vintage Star Wars. Bob focused on Luke Jedi and amassed an impressive collection over many years. I initially made a deal with Bob around September 2017 for this vary Patch, but we never "officially" completed the deal before he passed. I am very thankful for his wife, Allison who allowed me to complete the longest deal in my collecting journey. This patch means a lot to me and will always be proudly displayed in my collection.