Welcome to my little slice of internet heaven. This site showcases some of the coolest Jawa collectibles from my personal collection (unless noted). Also, I have included links to some of my favorite websites, which feature other outstanding collections as well. Thank you for visiting MADBROWNZ and enjoy the "Jawa experience."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Star Wars Droid Factory Playset (MISB)

Pictured is a Star Wars Droid Factory Playset. Produced in 1979, the Droid Factory offered kids hours of fun in building and customizing different droids from a series of parts. Featuring a crane, you could "lift" and "drop" different parts from one side to the next.  The box measures 14" wide, 12" tall and 4" deep.Unlike the Empire Strikes Back release of the same Playset, only Jawas, R2D2 and other various Droids are featured on the front.
Here is a picture of one side, featuring a kid lifting different parts and building his own special Droid.Unfortunately, the box has seen better days and is in rough condition. The Playset is still sealed on both sides and has never been opened.Though easier to find than the Empire Strikes Back release, this makes an affordable addition to my Jawa collection.

Funko Holiday Jawa Bobblehead First Shot

Pictured is a Holiday Jawa Bobblehead First Shot Prototype. Produced in 2008 by Funko, four different Bobbleheads were created with a Holiday or Christmas theme. The set included Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO and a Jawa. The figure is unpainted and molded in Brown and White. The base does not contain copyright information. The figure measures 4 1/2" tall and features a working spring that makes the head go up and down when pushed. This is one of many modern Prototypes I have in my ever growing Pre-Production collection.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Jawa Lobby Card signed by Rusty Goffe.

Pictured is a signed "Jawa" Lobby Card by Rusty Goffe. He is one of many actors that played the Jawa character in the Original Star Wars Saga in 1977. This beautifully framed card had been given to me by my "Secret Santa" Mike Z from The Imperial Gunnery Forum. Held once a year, Members are sent the name, address and a list of wants from other collectors. This allows Collectors to not only give to each other, but back to the Community as well. 

Here is a close-up of the Actor's name under the frame. Also noted is "The Collection of MADBROWNZ" as well. This personal touch makes this gift even more special. Mike also included a sweet loose Jawa (not pictured) with this framed picture. I cannot thank him enough for a truly unique gift that I will proudly display with my Jawa Collection.