Welcome to my little slice of internet heaven. This site showcases some of the coolest Jawa collectibles from my personal collection (unless noted). Also, I have included links to some of my favorite websites, which feature other outstanding collections as well. Thank you for visiting MADBROWNZ and enjoy the "Jawa experience."

The Jawa Bounty Hunter

I will admit that I have zero artistic ability. During my school years, my "art" would be picked last or at the bottom of my parents refrigerator. While toying with the idea of what to draw, let us say the results were not very successful. While reading a few threads on rebelscum, I came across a reference for the Creature Cantina. I have to admit, I laughed my butt off. Though Bill Cable had already created a Jawa, I did what all collectors do to get there way, I bribed him. Below are the results of a unique Jawa, that is the star of my blog site.

Black and White:


I am still amazed at the level of detail that Bill put into this. I will always be grateful of his work and be entertained by his site.