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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Star Wars Celebration Jawas.

So people always ask me, "why do you go to Star Wars Celebration"? The answer is simple. I have a chance to reconnect with Friends and of course, score more Jawas for my never ending Jawa run. Pictured are some of the new additions I obtained at the most recent Star Wars Celebration in April 2017. The plush Sandcrawler had been a Celebration Store Exclusive and features two mini plush Jawas in the back (not pictured). The Clawa proof cards were handed out at the Archive Party III and feature a kick ass Kitty (Clawa) posing as a Jawa. The small proof card had been handed out at the Gentle Giant booth and finally, the Jawa shot glasses were exclusive the Facebook Meet and Greet at Kings Lanes on the next to last day of Celebration. These are noted additions to my Jawa run and are proudly displayed.