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Friday, September 4, 2015

POTF2 30th Anniversary Collection Jawa and Lin Droid Mock-up Proof

Pictured is a 30th Anniversary Collection Mock-up proof for the Jawa and Lin Droid. The Jawa and Lin Droid have been hand cut and attached to the card on a clear piece of plastic (not pictured). A partial insert has been placed on the bottom of the card as well. This would have been used to gauge the proper placement of both figures before attaching a bubble.

Here is a picture of the back of the card. One sticker notes the proper placement of the label and the other states the following: “This is a pre-production sample package. This sample is for illustration purposes only. Size and design may vary slightly". This is a very notable addition to my ongoing modern pre-Production collection.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clone Wars "Tall" Hardcopy

Pictured is a Clone Wars "Tall" Hardcopy Jawa. The Figure is hand painted and more than likely used as a paint master. The head is held by a plastic (white) pin that can be attached to the mid torso of the figure. The arms are held in place by plastic pins and come apart from the top torso. The legs are also held by a plastic pin thru the middle part of the bottom torso and can be separated from the figure. The bottom robe is in one piece and can be attached to the figure. The figure comes complete with a hardcopy weapon (silver) and bandolier.

Here is a picture of my current "run"of Clone Wars Pre-Production Jawas. In the back is a Vendor Mock-up, in the front (Left to Right) is a Tall Hardcopy, Tall First Shot and Short First Shot.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

1977 Yamakatsu Japanese Jawa Topps Cards.

One of the best parts of the hobby is discovering something new and being lucky enough to add it to your collection. Pictured is one of three 1977 Japanese Topps cards featuring a Jawa released by the Yamakatsu Corporation. Exclusive to Japan, these 3 1/2" by 5 " cards were sold in cellophane packs and distributed by retailers. The card pictured features R2D2, R5D4, Luke and a Jawa in the background. The back of the card has a picture of C3PO and text in Kanji (Japanese).

Here is picture of the second card. Though they might appear to be same, there are three Jawas helping Luke inspect R5D4, before purchasing him. As we all know, R5D4 blew a motor and they "settled" for R2D2. The back of the card features C3PO and R2D2 with the text written in Kanji (Japanese)

Lastly, we have a sealed pack of cards that I recently purchased. There are four cards per pack and though not hard to track individually, sealed packs are not easy to find. These are very notable additions to my collection.

Celebration VII Exclusive Lego Tatooine Mini-Build Set (0054/1350)

Pictured is a Lego Tatooine Mini-Build set. Exclusive to Celebration VII, the set features a "mini" version of the Lars Homestead on Tattoine, with a awesome Sandcrawler in the background and a "ho hum" C3PO being the lone mini-figure in the set. Only 1350 sets were made, which is a fairly low number. This is a welcome addition to my Jawa Collection.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebration VII Exclusive MADBROWNZ "Team Tonia" Lapel Pins.

I am proud to announce my Celebration VII Exclusive MADBROWNZ "Team Tonia" Lapel Pins. These beautiful pins showcase a mean looking Jawa holding a blaster. They also note "Team Tonia" in purple, as  I have partnered with them to help benefit Run 4 Project Purple, in their fight to beat Pancreatic Cancer.

These pins will be handed out at Star Wars Celebration CVII from April 16 - 19, 2015. However, ten pins will be set aside and sold with 100% of the benefits going to Run 4 Project Purple, as they help in the search for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.For more information on Pancreatic Cancer, please visit CurePC.

We were able to raise over $200.00 for Run 4 Project Purple. While this may not seem like a huge amount of money, this will go a long way in making someone's life better. Thank you very much to everyone who bid on our auctions.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawas with "Hasbro Standard" Tag (Canadian Card)

Pictured is a POTF2 Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawa Two-Pack with a Green "Hasbro Standard" tag. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process. This particular item has a Green "Hasbro Standard" tag taped (clear) to the back of the card. The tag notes the Date, Item Number, etc. Fortunately, the original tape has not dried off and is still sealed to the back of the card. This particular carded figure would have been released in Canada as it features French, English and Spanish on the front and back of the card, which is typical for Trilogo Cardbacks.

Pictured is the front of the card. The background of the cardback features a Starburst design, which is common for carded figures released in overseas markets. A very nice addition to my ongoing modern pre-production run.