Welcome to my little slice of internet heaven. This site showcases some of the coolest Jawa collectibles from my personal collection (unless noted). Also, I have included links to some of my favorite websites, which feature other outstanding collections as well. Thank you for visiting MADBROWNZ and enjoy the "Jawa experience."

The Rejected Jawas

Pictured here is a Jawa that only a true focus collector would love. Every collector needs a reject ie what in the hell were they thinking of figure. Given to me by fellow scummer Tim (ACME), this figure is a true example of good figure turned bad. First, the right leg is missing. How can this poor figure walk without a leg? He is a perfect target for a Tusken Raider with time to kill. The screws were removed and the figure can be taken apart (below).

Here is a picture of the figure taken apart. There is glue residue on the sides of the figure, so I can only guess that some kind of repairs were made at one time. The thumb has been sliced off as well. The Jawa had a bender at the local cantina and came home like this!!

Here is a final picture of the figure displayed. I thought this looked pretty striking and gives the Jawa a very important pose. This a reject collectors dream.