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Monday, October 10, 2011

Original Pre-production Blueprint/Color Spec sheet: Jawas (Professional Copy)

Pictured is a professional copy of the original concept artwork for the Jawas. Copied from the original blueprint/color spec sheet and measuring 11" by 17", this outlines the colors used on the Jawas as they were taken from colored print and eventually produced. The most fascinating part of this sheet is the title "Jawas", which later on became "Jawa". The Jawa is the shortest figure in the Star Wars line, measuring only 2 1/4" tall. While the original blueprint would have been an awesome addition to my Jawa focus, this professional copy serves as an affordable alternative.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

POTF2 Trilogo Jawa Two-Pack "Quality Control" Sample (German)

Pictured is a POTF2 Trilogo Jawa Two-Pack "Quality Control" Sample. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process.This particular item has a "signed sample" sheet attached to the back of the package. The sheet notes the Vender, Item name, product number, etc. Of note, the "Language Version" of choice is German with a comment "Existing EU .164 Product with change weapon to Kraton". Unfortunately, the original tape has dried off from the sign-off sheet, separating it from the card. A similar piece of masking tape has been used to reattach it to the card.

Pictured is the front of the card. Here you can see the five different languages detailing the glowing eyes and blaster pistols for the "evil jawas". This is a rather cool addition to my growing modern pre-production Jawa collection.

Monday, April 4, 2011

POTF2 Legacy First Shot Jawa with Security Droid

Pictured is a Legacy Jawa First Shot with Security Droid. The figure is unpainted and does not contain copyright information on the bottom of the feet. The cloth cape is similar to the production version and is very smooth. The weapon is shot in brown plastic and differs from the production version (black).The Security Droid is unpainted and is molded in black plastic. The base is similar to the production version, but lacks a time stamp. The figure had originally been sealed in a baggie, but has been removed. Based on information from the seller, these were used as samples from the Vendor for final approval.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

POTF2 Tall Hardcopy Jawa

Pictured is POTF2 Tall Hardcopy Jawa. The figure is hand painted and held together by metal pins. More than likely, the figure had been used as a Paint Master. The figure is slightly larger than the production version and lacks footholes on the bottom. A set of unpainted Hardcopy heads are shown at the feet of the figure. These were acquired in the same deal for the Hardcopy figure.

Here is picture of the figure "taken apart". The bottom torso can move up and down, so the figure has some mobility. Though hard to see, there is a "touch" of blue resin at the top of the torso. The figure had been "cast" in a blue resin material before being painted. To date, this is the only POTF2 Jawa Hardcopy I am aware of and is a welcome addition to my collection.