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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Non-Sonic Welded Kenner Jawas

Pictured are two non-sonic welded Kenner Jawas. The figures are similar to production figures with copyright information, but for some unknown reason escaped the "bonding" process or simply fell apart. I placed the figures legs on the right backwards, so the copyright information can be displayed. 

Here is a picture of the figures "taken apart" for display. While I would not consider these "pre-production" pieces, they provide a look at what figures look like, before they are sonic welded.


Pictured is a cool "LA GUERRA DE LAS GALAXIAS" Jawa Card.Similar to Topps cards, produced in the late-70's and 80's, these feature a quite familiar background of the Jawas carrying R2D2 to their "dreaded" Sandcrawler. Based on information from the seller, these were produced in Argentina and were supposed to be glued to various sticker books.

Here is a picture of the back of the card. Fortunately, this card escaped the gluing process and is in fairly good condition. I purchased this card at Celebration V. Thanks to my cool roomie, Trevor for this nice card.

Painted Heritage Jawas

Pictured are Heritage Pewter Jawas. Produced by the Heritage company in the mid-80's, these "bootlegs" can be found unpainted, black and brown. They could also be found attached to pendants for various necklaces. The painted versions are much tougher to find than unpainted. These make a nice addition to my Vintage Jawa Collection.