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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

POTF2 Tall Hardcopy Jawa

Pictured is POTF2 Tall Hardcopy Jawa. The figure is hand painted and held together by metal pins. More than likely, the figure had been used as a Paint Master. The figure is slightly larger than the production version and lacks footholes on the bottom. A set of unpainted Hardcopy heads are shown at the feet of the figure. These were acquired in the same deal for the Hardcopy figure.

Here is picture of the figure "taken apart". The bottom torso can move up and down, so the figure has some mobility. Though hard to see, there is a "touch" of blue resin at the top of the torso. The figure had been "cast" in a blue resin material before being painted. To date, this is the only POTF2 Jawa Hardcopy I am aware of and is a welcome addition to my collection.