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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Underground Toys 12” Talking Plush Prototype ( Unproduced Sample)

Designed by Just Play Toys, this unproduced sample had been created for an agreement between Just Play Toys and Underground Toys, to be sold by Underground Toys. When designed, the sample had been sent to Underground Toys for comments and approval. The sample measures 12” tall and are missing the tag that would normally be attached to the side, the “I Talk” tag has not been applied and the weapon is very different than the version that had been produced. The sounds that were used for the sample are rougher in clarity and more drawn out. The sample came in a clear bag, a comment sheet for “first round approval” and a tag noting “sample” as well. This is the first plush prototype I have had the opportunity to add to my collection and I am extremely excited to add these to my collection. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

POTF2 Ronto Jawa First Shot

I have to admit that after fifteen years of collecting or focusing on Jawas, I still get giddy when I find something that I have been looking to add to my collection for a very long time. Though being one of the most overproduced Beast Packs for the POTF2 line, finding any pre-production stuff for the Ronto or Jawa from that line is very hard. To date, I can think of a few box flats, one bagged sample,which I own and a few pictures of the very first shot that I am extremely happy to add to my collection.

The figure is molded in yellow (Back and Front Torso) and Black (Head, Arms and Bottom Torso) and is absolutely gorgeous. The figure is devoid of any copyright information and is sonic welded, so it cannot be taken apart. I doubted the figures existence for a long time, until a random picture showed up of this very figure being displayed in of all places, a Japanese Clothing Store where the owner displayed this amazing run of POTF2 prototypes. I am very happy to finally add this figure to my collection.