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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pysber Booties (Custom) Jawa Bootlegs

Pictured are the most awesome custom Jawa Bootlegs that were recently added to my collection. The Psyber Booties (Smelio Dweling Maai Moni) figures are made of hard resin and painted in a broad assortment of cheesy colors.

Here is the second assortment of Jawa bootlegs. Unlike the resin figures, these were cast in dark green and brown wax, making them very fragile.

The maker of these awesome bootlegs were kind enough to include the Molds (Wax and Resin) and "First Shot" of the bootleg figures.

Here is a group shot of the Resin and Wax figures, as well as the Molds and "First Shots". These unbelievable bootlegs were given to me via my Secret Santa from The Imperial Gunnery Forum. Held once a year, Members are sent the name, address and a list of wants from other collectors. This allows Collectors to not only give to each other, but back to the Community as well. 

Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawas with "Hasbro" Tag (Japanese Import Sticker)

Pictured is a POTF2 Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawa Two-Pack with a White "Hasbro" tag. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process. This particular item has a White "Hasbro" tag taped (clear) to the back of the card. The tag notes the Date, Item Number, etc. Fortunately, the original tape has not dried off and is still sealed to the back of the card. A Japanese Import sticker has also been applied to the back of card, noting that the figure would be released in that specific Market.

Pictured is the front of the card. Astute eyes will notice a Japanese Sticker under Warning, possibly noting the appropriate play age for the toy. This is a rather cool addition to my growing modern pre-production Jawa collection.