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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawas with "Hasbro Standard" Tag (Canadian Card)

Pictured is a POTF2 Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawa Two-Pack with a Green "Hasbro Standard" tag. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process. This particular item has a Green "Hasbro Standard" tag taped (clear) to the back of the card. The tag notes the Date, Item Number, etc. Fortunately, the original tape has not dried off and is still sealed to the back of the card. This particular carded figure would have been released in Canada as it features French, English and Spanish on the front and back of the card, which is typical for Trilogo Cardbacks.

Pictured is the front of the card. The background of the cardback features a Starburst design, which is common for carded figures released in overseas markets. A very nice addition to my ongoing modern pre-production run.