Welcome to my little slice of internet heaven. This site showcases some of the coolest Jawa collectibles from my personal collection (unless noted). Also, I have included links to some of my favorite websites, which feature other outstanding collections as well. Thank you for visiting MADBROWNZ and enjoy the "Jawa experience."

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Mexican Jawa (Yawa) Vinyl Bootleg/Knockoff


Pictured is a Vinyl Jawa Bootleg/Knockoff from Mexico. Though ugly and down right strange looking, the Jawa is oozing with appeal. The figure is painted dark green with black feet, hands and the face is black with hollowed yellow eyes. Being honest, I am not sure if the Jawa is about give someone their last rights or take his two lightsabers and cut them in half.

Here is close-up picture of the face and his menacing red lightsabers on his hilt. The figure is 10" tall and is hollow underneath the feet (not pictured). In the world of Jawa bootlegs or dare I say knock-offs, this fits in very in well with my collection and is a welcome addition.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Archive Miniatures Bootleg Jawas (set of five)

Pictured is a set of five Archive Miniatures Bootleg pewter Jawas. Produced around 1977 or possibly 1978, these are essentially the first pewter rendition of characters from Star Wars. Unfortunately and due to the license for Star Wars being owned by Kenner, they were never approved for production, thus making them only available as bootlegs. Also, note the Grocery price sticker ($2.95) on the front of the pack, as these were sold in Hobby shops and Novelty Stores. 

Here is a closeup of one of the Jawas. The pack is still sealed and makes a nice addition to my "ongoing" Jawa run and my every evolving collection of Bootlegs.

Friday, May 22, 2020

POTF2 Jawa Two-Pack "Kenner Standard" (American)

Pictured is a POTF2 Jawa Two-Pack "Kenner Standard" (American) Sample. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process. The Green “Hasbro Standard” tag affixed to the back of the card notes the Vendor, Item name, Production number and suggested changes

Here is a group shot of the POTF2 Jawa Two-Pack Quality Control Samples that I own. From left to right: UK (Marketing), German (Language) and the American (Green Card).

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Star Wnrs (Lepin) Bootleg Jawa Lego's.

The world of bootlegs or knockoffs is an ever evolving and changing evolution of a figure or set. Pictured are bootleg Legos, created by Lepin. These are similar to the Lego brand, but are bootlegged and sold in different Countries, most notably Singapore and Thailand. Note the "Star Wnrs" vice Star Wars in the title of the box and various other misrepresentations in the background picture.

As you can see the box is bigger than the "normal" production one and sharp eyes will note the difference pieces, 219 to 197 as well. The set is still sealed and for now, I have no plans on taking them out and comparing the two sets and individual pieces. This is a nice addition to my collection.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Jawa Bootleg Set (Ugly Buggers)

Pictured are two sets of Bootleg Jawas. Referred to as "Ugly Buggers", these were produced in Thailand and are made of paper and a wood type of material. The eyes are painted and glued to the head, similar to the weapon (white) that is glued to the hand and cannot be removed. The bandolier is painted in black on the chest to mimic the figure from the movie. They vary in color and can be found with and without weapons. Oddly enough, the Gold one is sealed in a clear baggie as this might have been an exclusive for the initial set of four.

Pictured above is a set without weapons. Similar to the ones pictured above, they are made of the same material, but the bandolier seems to be more blended. I have to admit these are very strange, but make a wonderful addition to my Jawa Collection.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Droid Factory Sandcrawler Playset

Pictured is the Droid Factory Sandcrawler. Exclusive to Disney Park stores, the Sandcrawler features lights, sound effects, a new Jawa and Gonk Droid. I would even dare to say, this rivals the Vintage Sandcrawler, released in 1979.

Here is a picture of the back, detailing the features of the Sandcrawler, specifically the electronic ladder, which is just awesome. Also, the side, front and top doors of the Sandcrawler come open, allowing you to display multiple Jawas as they travel across Tatooine looking for more droids to scavenge.

Here is a close-up of the Jawa and Gonk Droid that are exclusive to the playset. Just an unbelievable Vehicle and Playset that I am very happy to add to my collection.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Celebration Orlando 2017 Uncut Sandcrawler Patch.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are very few things I take personal for this hobby. Though I truly love collecting, in the end, these are merely items residing in my home to be shared with friends who share a common passion and family, who in the end allow us the time to pursue them. The pictured patch came from my dear friend Bob Martinazzi, who we tragically lost in 2018. He was a good man, a devoted Father and a fellow "Vintage Snob" as we had a small clique of friends who focused primarily on Vintage Star Wars. Bob focused on Luke Jedi and amassed an impressive collection over many years. I initially made a deal with Bob around September 2017 for this vary Patch, but we never "officially" completed the deal before he passed. I am very thankful for his wife, Allison who allowed me to complete the longest deal in my collecting journey. This patch means a lot to me and will always be proudly displayed in my collection.

Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) Jawa Two-Pack Quality Control Set.

Pictured is a POTF2 Original Trilogy Collection Jawa Two-Pack Quality Control set. For quality control purposes, it is common for toys to be routinely inspected during the production process. From left to right, each MOC has a white or green “Hasbro Standard” tag affixed to the back noting the Vender, Item name, Production number and suggested changes before the figures go into full production. Each cardback is different, since the Jawas were released in three different markets, Canada (Trilogo), American (Standard) and Japan (Japanese Import sticker).

Here is picture of the front of the cards, with the Canadian (far right) being visually different with the Starburst design for the backdrop. Since roughly three to five Quality Control samples exist for each cardback, I feel pretty lucky to have assembled a complete set.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Celebration Chicago (CIX) Exclusive MADBROWNZ Jawa Pins and Buttons.

I am proud to announce my Celebration Chicago (CIX) Exclusive MADBROWNZ Jawa Lapel pins and buttons. These beautiful pins and buttons showcase a Jedi Jawa with his "Cancer Saber" ready to do some damage. They also note "RIP Luke Jedi" as I personally pay tribute to my good friend Bob Martinazzi (http://www.lukejedi.info/), who we lost in 2018.

These pins and buttons will be handed out at Star Wars Celebration CVIII from April 11-15, 2019. However, ten sets (Pins and Buttons) have been set aside and are being sold with 100% of the benefits going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to aid in their quest to find a cure for children's catastrophic diseases. For more information St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, please visit https://www.stjude.org/.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a pin and button set. Based on your generosity, we donated $355.00 to St. Jude, so they can continue to break down the barriers and end Child Cancer for good. Again, thank you for your kindness and good will.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Burger King Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes Plush Jawa Test Shot (2005)

Pictured is a Test Shot for the Plush Jawa produced by Burger King in 2005, to celebrate the opening of Revenge of the Sith. Unlike the production version that featured light-up eyes, by pressing the stomach, the eyes glow-in-the-dark. The Jawa has a soft tummy with no light-up mechanism inside for the eyes. The tag differs from the production version, as the Burger King Logo is smaller and the letters “CE” are on the back. There are also subtle differences in the face and bandolier, compared to the production version.

Here is a picture of the Jawa in the dark with "glowing eyes". A very nice addition to my ongoing modern pre-production run. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Star Wars Celebration Jawas.

So people always ask me, "why do you go to Star Wars Celebration"? The answer is simple. I have a chance to reconnect with Friends and of course, score more Jawas for my never ending Jawa run. Pictured are some of the new additions I obtained at the most recent Star Wars Celebration in April 2017. The plush Sandcrawler had been a Celebration Store Exclusive and features two mini plush Jawas in the back (not pictured). The Clawa proof cards were handed out at the Archive Party III and feature a kick ass Kitty (Clawa) posing as a Jawa. The small proof card had been handed out at the Gentle Giant booth and finally, the Jawa shot glasses were exclusive the Facebook Meet and Greet at Kings Lanes on the next to last day of Celebration. These are noted additions to my Jawa run and are proudly displayed.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Celebration VIII Exclusive MADBROWNZ "Team Tonia" Lapel Pins.

I am proud to announce my Celebration VIII Exclusive MADBROWNZ "Team Tonia" Lapel Pins. These beautiful pins showcase a menacing Jawa holding a blaster. They also note "Team Tonia" in purple, as I have once again partnered with Team Tonia to benefit Run 4 Project Purple, in their fight to beat Pancreatic Cancer.

These pins will be handed out at Star Wars Celebration CVIII from April 13 - 16, 2017. However, fifteen  pins have been set aside and are being sold with 100% of the benefits going to Run 4 Project Purple, as they help in the search for a cure to Pancreatic Cancer. For more information on Pancreatic Cancer, please visit CurePC.

We were able to raise $260.00, which were proudly donated to Project Purple. A HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased a pin and contributed to this Charity Drive.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Unproduced Mighty Mug Jawa (with Blaster)

Behold the Mighty Mug Jawa with menacing Blaster. Star Wars Mighty Mugs were released from 2008 to 2009, before being cancelled. However, two additional waves of figures were offered as online Exclusives. The Jawa contains a copyright date of 2008, which suggests they were considering releasing the figure before being cancelled. The figure is fully painted and absolutely beautiful. 

Here is another picture with the Blaster at the bottom, showcasing the front of figure.Chunky as it is, the figure is heavier than I expected. To date, this is the only Mighty Mug Jawa to have surfaced and I am simply overjoyed to add it to my collection.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Underground Toys 12” Talking Plush Prototype ( Unproduced Sample)

Designed by Just Play Toys, this unproduced sample had been created for an agreement between Just Play Toys and Underground Toys, to be sold by Underground Toys. When designed, the sample had been sent to Underground Toys for comments and approval. The sample measures 12” tall and is missing the tag that would normally be attached to the side, the “I Talk” tag has not been applied and the weapon is very different than the version that had been produced. The sounds that were used for the sample are rougher in clarity and more drawn out. The sample came in a clear bag, a comment sheet for “first round approval” and a tag noting “sample” as well. This is the first plush prototype I have had the opportunity to add to my collection and I am extremely excited to add these to my collection. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

POTF2 Ronto Jawa First Shot

I have to admit that after fifteen years of collecting or focusing on Jawas, I still get giddy when I find something that I have been looking to add to my collection for a very long time. Though being one of the most overproduced Beast Packs for the POTF2 line, finding any pre-production stuff for the Ronto or Jawa from that line is very hard. To date, I can think of a few box flats, one bagged sample,which I own and a few pictures of the very first shot that I am extremely happy to add to my collection.

The figure is molded in yellow (Back and Front Torso) and Black (Head, Arms and Bottom Torso) and is absolutely gorgeous. The figure is devoid of any copyright information and is sonic welded, so it cannot be taken apart. I doubted the figures existence for a long time, until a random picture showed up of this very figure being displayed in of all places, a Japanese Clothing Store where the owner displayed this amazing run of POTF2 prototypes. I am very happy to finally add this figure to my collection.