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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Woolsworth 8 Pack MISB (UKG 90%)

So I admit it, I'm a baggie geek. However and with that being said, I never could have imagined adding a Woolsworth 8 pack to my collection. Heck, I did not even know they existed until about seven years ago when a collector posted a picture of one on Rebelscum. Though they looked odd, I have to admit they looked so awesome.

Unlike most of the Woolsworth 8 packs I have seen over the years, mostly on Facebook, specifically Frank's awesome Baggie Group, recently renamed Baggietastic Collecting Corner, this one is extra special. Based on information from the seller, this is one of three known sealed Woolies (Woolsworth) 8 packs with the figures sealed in individual baggies. The Jawa being one of the eight, makes it even better. The 8 pack has been graded by UKG (90%) and is sealed in a custom case.

The pack includes the following:

Palitoy Baggies:
Jawa (Palitoy I)
C3PO (Removable Limbs version)
Hammerhead (Palitoy B)
AT-ST Driver
Rebel Commando

Kenner Baggie
Gamorrean Guard (Made In Mexico)

To say over the moon is an understatement how excited I am as I post this. This is a true centerpiece for my collection and I cannot thank the seller enough for letting me add it to my collection.