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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Run of Foreign and Domestic Jawa Baggies.

Pictured above is possibly the most complete set of Jawa Baggies ever assembled. From left to right (Bottom to Top), the bagged Jawas are:

SW-B: Vertical Made in Hong Kong (Heat Sealed) (AFA 80)
SW-D: Horizontal Made in Hong Kong (Heat Sealed)
ESB-C: Horizontal Kenner and Made in Hong Kong (Tape Sealed)
ESB-D: Horizontal Kenner and Made in Hong Kong (Heat Sealed)
Palitoy (A) Land of the Jawas: Horizontal Made in Hong Kong (Tape sealed/Crisp)
Kenner Euro G: Horizontal Kenner logo (Heat Sealed/Smooth)

SW-F (Heat Sealed/Smooth)  (UKG 90)
Woolsworth 8 Pack (Sealed baggies) (UKG 90)
European/Meccano (No COO) (Heat Sealed/Smooth)

The Jawa is fairly hard to find for domestic baggies, but the foreign versions are close to impossible to locate, which makes this run even more special. The Jawa were released in two different versions of Star Wars baggie, a B and D version. The main difference being the Made in Hong Text on the front of the bagged figure. For the Empire Strikes Back, the Jawa were released in two different baggies, an ESB-C and ESB-D. 

The same Jawa had been released in a number of Foreign baggies. The taped sealed (crisp and smooth) versions with Made In Hong Kong text resembles the ESB-C type of baggie and were exclusive to the Palitoy Land of the Jawas Playset. The SW-F Baggie resembles a SW-B with the difference being the font of the text. The European/Meccano baggie does not contain any Country of Origin text. The baggie material is also much thinner than other bagged figures. The Kenner (Euro G) baggies were possibly a European mail-away in the mid-80's.
For more information on Kenner Baggies (Domestic), please read this great article written by Bill Wills and Todd DeMartino:Kenner Baggies. Frank Mewes has put together a very informative thread concerning Foreign released baggies.