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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Star Wars Droid Factory Playset (MISB)

Pictured is a Star Wars Droid Factory Playset. Produced in 1979, the Droid Factory offered kids hours of fun in building and customizing different droids from a series of parts. Featuring a crane, you could "lift" and "drop" different parts from one side to the next.  The box measures 14" wide, 12" tall and 4" deep.Unlike the Empire Strikes Back release of the same Playset, only Jawas, R2D2 and other various Droids are featured on the front.
Here is a picture of one side, featuring a kid lifting different parts and building his own special Droid.Unfortunately, the box has seen better days and is in rough condition. The Playset is still sealed on both sides and has never been opened.Though easier to find than the Empire Strikes Back release, this makes an affordable addition to my Jawa collection.