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Friday, March 26, 2010

POTF Ronto Jawa Bagged Sample with Sign-Off Sheet

Pictured is a bagged sample of the Ronto Jawa. It is complete with sign-off tag from the Factory. The sample includes two heads, two bottom-half torsos, two right arms and two left arms. Both bottom-half torsos contain copyright information (1997 LFL Kenner China). All of the sample pieces are unpainted.

The sign-off sheet is written in Mandarin and reads:
“Here is the Jawa unpainted prototype parts on tree (some of them were came off) - 2 head, 2 left hands, 2 right hands and 2 feet (Copyright markings - Kenner 1997). The plastic bag has been sealed with a sample card stapled to it".

Factory: Forward Winsome Industries Ltd.

Item No. : 69728
Name: Jawa

Part No. : 69728 - 1315, 1316, 1317, 1324
Name: Jawa heads, feet, left hand, right hand

Signed by: Mr. Lee (Project Manager)
Date: 21 Aug 1997